Webb School of California Class of ’87 RULEZ!

I’d like to take a moment to note that my high school classmate Josh Marshall got prime “Column One” placement in the Los Angeles Times yesterday for himself and for his mighty political blog Talking Points Memo, which is currently in the process of totally pwning Alberto Gonzalez. This is why TPM is the 22nd highest-ranked blog out there, while I have to settle for being lowly number 33. But I don’t mind being the second-most notable blogger in the class of ’87; Josh is doing good work. He deserves the notoriety.

13 Comments on “Webb School of California Class of ’87 RULEZ!”

  1. From: Blogosphere

    To: Traditional News Outlets

    Begin message:

    wr in ur interweebs

    scoopn ur newz

    End message.


  2. I’d be a lot more impressed if he had a full text RSS feed. Impressed enough to suscribe, that is.

    Not for partial text.

  3. *** This is a joke ***

    He’s gonna pwn all y’all at the reunion, boy-ee. “Hey, Josh. Whatcha been up to?” “Eh. Bringing the corrupt power structure to its knees. You?”

    Let’s leave SFWA out of this.

    *** That was a joke ***

  4. Hm.

    All you need to do is undertake some skullduggery in the SFWA election, and then maybe you can get some prime TPMuckraker linkage!

    Might work.

  5. I like Mr. Marshall’s web site. And I’d have to admit I’m not the most politically savy individual. But I had to smile while checking out his site and seeing an advertisement for “Glenn Beck”, who’s a self admitted hard-core (Republican) conservative, on the main page. It struct me as being sort of like Phillip-Morris advertising their ‘products’ on the AMA web site. (I’m one of those damn ‘liberal’ Republicans and my wife’s family are major Democratic supporters – makes for interesting holiday gatherings.)

    In short – thanks for the link to an interesting and informative site. And it’s damn nice to see individual journalists outside the major corporate structure take back a ‘free’ press. (It’s about damn time!)

  6. I usually check TPM first thing in the morning to get my daily fill of political malfeasance. I am always amazed (and frightened) by how long it takes other news organizations to report on the great stuff TPM covers. I’m glad they are getting the recognition they deserve.