Prometheus Award Finalists: TGB is In

The Prometheus Award final list has just been e-mailed to me and The Ghost Brigades is on it. Here’s the full finalist slate:

Empire, Orson Scott Card
The Ghost Brigades, John Scalzi
Glasshouse, Charles Stross
Rainbows End, Vernor Vinge
Harbingers, F. Paul Wilson


For those of you wondering what the Prometheus Award’s about, it’s presented by the Libertarian Futurist Society and, in their words, “focuses on novels whose plots, themes, characters and/or specific issues reflect the value of personal freedom and human rights, or which seriously or satirically critique abuses of power– especially unchecked government power.”

Thoughts on the slate?


Proof I Am Drinking Far Too Much Codeine -Based Cough Syrup

I swear to you I did a big, self-pleasuring post about this review of The Last Colony at SF Signal, but after I posted it, it disappeared. I can’t find it anywhere. Which leads me to wonder: Did I hallucinate writing it? Did I hallucinate reading the review? Is all of life simply a dream of a dream and when we wake up we find ourselves a beautiful butterfly, released from the tears of this world? Also, when I go to rehab, can I room next to Britney Spears? I hear she’s sucking down a case of Coca-Cola a day there. She can be my dealer.

I’m in a weird space, man. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. Go read the review.


SFWA Election Update

I think this may be my favorite poster of all so far.Thank you, Mary Dell!

Word of the SFWA election is getting around: It gets a write-up today in Galleycat, publishing’s blog of record. Excellent to see interest outside of our little corner of the world.

Over at the Election Q&A newsgroup, I’m fielding questions about health care, volunteer service and reading in schools. I could be running for Congress. Come check it out, and if you’re a SFWA member, feel free to ask questions of your own.

(Non-SFWAns and others who just don’t care: No worries, I won’t be posting on the election every day. But for now you’ll just have to slog through. Okay? Groovy.)

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