Daily Archives: March 21, 2007

Off It Goes

Behold! My SFWA ballot, all ready to be mailed. I must confess, I voted for myself. I also voted for Derryl Murphy in the veep slot; I felt that he would probably be the best fit for me in philosophy and goals, should I win, and also independently I like his platform. Mr. Burt’s apparent […]

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Portrait of the Daddy as a Big Ol’ Geek

Athena had me stand for a portrait; here it is. Note the geek accouterments including two computers, the Campbell on the wall, and the “electric sheep” T-shirt. I regret to say this rendering of me is all too accurate.

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On Inexperience (A SFWA – Related Post)

Over at the SFWA’s ElectionBlog (actually a newsgroup), things are beginning to get interesting; VP Candidate Andrew Burt has shown up and decided that he’s going to make an issue of highlighting the fact that I am rather inexperienced in the ways of SFWA. He’s asking me if I’m aware of the work of this […]

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