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The Pretenders:

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Chrissie Hynde’s voice and lyrics + James Honeyman-Scott’s guitar work = Never Goes Stale

Tell me who you never get tired of.


Reader Request Week 2007: Get Your Requests In!

Once a year here at the Whatever, I stop writing about whatever I want to blather on about, and instead write about whatever you want me to blather about. This is called Reader Request Week, and starting next Monday, we’ll be having it again.

IF! If, that is, you would be so kind as to offer up a suggestion as to what you would like me to write about. Drop your idea here in the comment thread, and starting Monday I will cruise through the suggestions and pick some of the ones I like. Then, for a week, I dance like a monkey for your amusement. See how simple it can be?

To keep you all from requesting stuff I’ve already answered in previous Reader Request Weeks, below you’ll find links to all the previous subjects.

From 2003:

Reader Request #1: The Middle East
Reader Request #2: Life Online
Reader Request #3: TV
Reader Request #4: Testing Preschoolers
Reader Request #5: Jealousy
Reader Request #6: Immigration
Reader Request #7: Ohio
Reader Request #8: Writing
Reader Request Wrapup

From 2004:

Reader Request #1: Boys and Girls
Reader Request #2: The Meaning of Life
Reader Request #3: Can Writing Be Taught?
Reader Request #4: Fatherhood and Pie
Reader Request #5: Objective Newspeople
Reader Request Week 2004 Wrapup

From 2005:

Reader Request #1: Creative Commons and FanFic
Reader Request #2: Peak Oil
Reader Request #3: Beatles, Batman and They
Reader Request #4: Pot!
Reader Request #5: Odds and Ends

From 2006:

Reader Request #1: SF Novels and Films
Reader Request #2: 10 Childhood Nuggets
Reader Request #3: Writers and Technology
Reader Request #4: The Nintendo Revolution
Reader Request #5: A Political Judiciary
Reader Request #6: Paranoid Parents
Reader Request #7: Writing About Writing

So there you have it. As for topics you can request: Whatever you want. I do kinda hope they’re not all writing questions, though.

Okay, start suggesting! And make them good. I want to have fun with this year’s Reader Request Week, like I’ve had all the other years. I’m relying on you.


God Wasn’t Willing

And the creek done rose. Which is why most of the road out front of my house is flooded at the moment, and apparently there are more thunderstorms and rain to come. If I die today in the rushing waters, I want you to know I always loved you best of all the Whatever readers. Yes, you. I didn’t want to make the other readers jealous. But now, as the waters nip my toes, we have not time for such delicateness.

Hold me.

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