Daily Archives: March 25, 2007

Another Quick Note Taking Post, This Time Re: Author Interviews/Ficlet Spotlights

Authors! I require assistance! Here are people to whom I know I’ve said I’d send interview questions to for Author Interviews, for the March/April/May time frame. These people will be receiving e-mailed questions shortly, on account I’ll be on tour through part of April/May and will want these in the hopper, ready to go: Alma […]

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Notice Re: E-Mail

I’ve spent most of today answering e-mail I’ve let sit too long (and will now be moving on to addressing and packing for mail books I’ve let sit too long, followed by sending off interview questions I’ve let sit too long, too), and I think I’ve caught up answering e-mail to everyone who I am […]

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Male Jewelry

Just out of curiosity, and for the guys (although women can answer as well, about guys they know): How much jewelry do you wear and why? I ask because I myself wear only my wedding band, and really have no interest in wearing any other jewelry, nor ever really have: No class ring, no earrings, […]

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