Another Quick Note Taking Post, This Time Re: Author Interviews/Ficlet Spotlights

Authors! I require assistance!

Here are people to whom I know I’ve said I’d send interview questions to for Author Interviews, for the March/April/May time frame. These people will be receiving e-mailed questions shortly, on account I’ll be on tour through part of April/May and will want these in the hopper, ready to go:

Alma Alexander
Justine Larbalestier
Justina Robson
Cassandra Clare
Carrie Vaughn
Jennifer Ouliette
Sandra McDonald
Jim C. Hines
Elizabeth Bear
Jay Lake

If you are an author whom I have said I would interview during this time frame but do not see you name on this list, please contact me and say “Hey, moron, you said you’d interview me!” I would not want to not interview you.

Secondly, as the Author Interviews are no longer going to be tied into a specific day, I can probably get a couple more in there. So if you’ve got a book coming out, particularly in May, ping me and let’s see what we can do. I seem to be running low on guy authors right about now. Here’s how to do this.

Thirdly, remember that even if you don’t have a book coming out, but are a published author, I can still promote the heck out of you if you want to write three ficlets for the Ficlets site. Here are those details again. A couple of you have pinged me for this; I’m going to ping you back. But I could use more.


Notice Re: E-Mail

I’ve spent most of today answering e-mail I’ve let sit too long (and will now be moving on to addressing and packing for mail books I’ve let sit too long, followed by sending off interview questions I’ve let sit too long, too), and I think I’ve caught up answering e-mail to everyone who I am supposed to have sent e-mail to in the last couple of weeks. So, if you feel I should have responded to you via e-mail about something and there’s not, in fact, now an e-mail from me in your e-mail queue, you should consider this a lovely time to ping me again on whatever it was. I will try to get back to you in a more timely fashion.


Male Jewelry

Just out of curiosity, and for the guys (although women can answer as well, about guys they know): How much jewelry do you wear and why?

I ask because I myself wear only my wedding band, and really have no interest in wearing any other jewelry, nor ever really have: No class ring, no earrings, generally no pins either (I put my Hugo pin on my suit lapel during the ceremony, because it seemed appropriate to do so at the time, but otherwise kept it on my LACon IV badge).

I think the acceptability of male jewelry comes and goes, but as I don’t really wear it myself, I have no idea where we are in the cycle at the moment. Any thoughts about that would be appreciated, too.

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