Before Any One Sends it to Me Again

Yes, I’ve seen the article about the sheep with 15% human genes. Yes, it’s been sent to me a couple dozen times now. No, you don’t need to send it to me again. Thanks for thinking of me, however.

22 thoughts on “Before Any One Sends it to Me Again

  1. Hey John,
    have you heard the one about the sheep in human genes… LOL. I’d send you a link, but looks like you might have already gotten it.

  2. Hey John,
    have you heard the one about the sheep in human genes… LOL. I’d send you a link, but looks like you might have already gotten it.

  3. Association with sheep versus association with bacon-taping. Tough call as to which is better.

    At least there is some association with you as a writer as well… :)

  4. Scalzi! Taping bacon to a sheep! With human genes! During his SFWA inaugural speech!

    That’s what kids these days call “teh win”.

  5. My friend sent me the article this morning musing,

    “Didn’t I just finish reading a book that resembled this?”

    I got wicked excited (can you tell I’m from NE)and I typed up this really awesome email to send to you, and then I asked him where he got it.

    “Drudge report.”

    “Oh, well crap.” I said as I erased said email after going to the Whatever to find you had already been inundated.


  6. LOL. Too much… Scalzi the prophet. When Sci-Fi fiction bleeds into reality, you’ve arrived. Kudos for you.

  7. I’m waiting for a liver and I’m excited about this technology- it might save my life. And no, if I do get an organ so I am part sheep you can’t wrap me in bacon. However, I wouldn’t mind having [plot spoilers deleted — JS].

  8. As if the title and plot (?) weren’t enough, the review says it is full of fart jokes! Sounds like a must-see for readers of this blog.

  9. da kine:

    “Those schmucks did it backward. It should have been 15% sheep genes in a human”

    Most humans already appear to have way above 15% sheep genes (see quite a few recent elections, for details), so your version of the experiment would be redundant.

  10. For What it’s Worth, that’s a sheep with 15% human CELLS, not Human Genes.

    Sheep probably share 75% of their genes with us anyway, doing stupid crap like “having mitochondria” and “this is how a stomach works.”

    I read YOUR headline and thought, “whoah, that’s so not news.” So I had to follow the link to figure out what went wrong.

    SO, when I said “for what it’s worth” up there, it turns out… not very much!

  11. I find it irritating that it says “15% human cells and 85% animal cells.” Must be the biologist in me that has to twitch at the implication that humans aren’t also animals.

    Sounds like promising research they have going though. Soon you’ll be able to have a whole flock of Scalzi clone sheep!

  12. In further sheep-related news…

    Man keeps 80 sheep in his house, authorities say
    North Carolina man lives upstairs, sheep downstairs, sheriff says

    • Animals’ living conditions deplorable, authorities say
    • About 30 animals found to be in ill health are euthanized
    • Sheep were eating plastic flower arrangements from cemetery

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