Various & Sundry 3/28/07


Hey there. Been busy today. Here’s some stuff to think about while while I get my act together:

* The Spring 2007 edition of Subterranean Magazine Online kicked off a couple of days ago (that’s the “cover” for it up there). I’m in it, just not yet — material from the issue gets released over the course of time, to give you an excuse to keep checking in (don’t worry, I’ll let you know when my story goes up). But what’s up now is pretty damn good, including new stories from Caitlin R Kiernan and Joe R. Lansdale and Neal Barrett, Jr. And it’s free for you to read, which is nice.

* Christopher Rowe has some thoughts on joining SFWA, after next Sunday.

* I spent the earlier part of my day down at the Honda dealer, getting a new gasket for some aspect of my transmission (because the minivan was leaking transmission fluid), and putting on new tires, because we hadn’t replaced the one that came with the minivan when we got it in ’03. All of which was not notably cheap. I don’t mind spending the money (it’s not like I want to drive around without transmission fluid or on bald tires), but that’s money I don’t get to spend on useless indulgences. I sort of resent that. I say this with the acknowledgment that in the grand scheme of things, this is a good place for one to be, financially.

* Someone just pinged me that they’ve seen my profile in the latest Geek Monthly magazine, so I suppose that this is an excellent time to note that, hey, there’s a profile of me in the latest print edition of Geek Monthly. Rush out and get it! You can find the online adjunct here. I’m not in that part, however.

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