Author Interview: Alma Alexander

Over at the Ficlets Blog today,
I’m interviewing Alma Alexander about her latest book, the YA Worldweavers: Gift of the Unmage. We also talk about her world travels, making characters who deny then defy expectations, and whether writing can be taught. If you miss all this, generations hence will mark this as a black day in history. Possibly the blackest.

5 Comments on “Author Interview: Alma Alexander”

  1. Somehow, I really doubt this will live up to the hyperbole. But I’m a sucker and will read the interview. Grr.

  2. Thanks, John. I really enjoyed the interview, and I was left with another book for my reading queue and thoughts on writing to mull over. Excellent.

  3. Great interview, thanks for pointing it out. My daughter enjoyed the HArry Potter books, I’ll get this for her (but I’ll probably read it first, she has homework!)