My Big Geek Two Page Spread


Should you pick up a copy of Geek Monthly this month, the one with Mary Lynn Rajskub on it, you know, like you do, you geek, then this is what awaits you on pages 26 and 27. Perhaps not as faplicious as Ms. Rajskub (and if you disagree with this assessment, please don’t tell me), but nice all the same. Both the very amusing photo and the article itself are by Jeff Hentosz, who as many of you know is a frequent visitor to the Whatever — and in this case also a visitor to the Scalzi Compound, as he came out for the interview and photo shoot. Yes! He sat on the infamous office loveseat! Yes! He’s met Athena! Yes! He pet the hallowed BaconCat! I’m sure it was a pivotal moment in his life, as it should have been.

I’ve thumbed through the rest of Geek Monthly as well, and perhaps not at all surprisingly, I found it a pretty fun and interesting read, filled with lots of stuff I like to know about. As it happens , it arrived on the same day as the latest issue of Wired, so I suppose if there was every any doubt that I am, in fact, a complete friggin’ dork, those doubts should now be washed away. Hello, I’m a total knob. Nice to meet you.

Krissy just came in and went “Ha!” at that picture with the article, by the way. Figures.

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  1. Great Scott, it’s like someone took bits of Maxim, Slashdot, Computer Gaming World and Boing Boing and mixed them into one unholy publication. I’m not sure how many brown-paper wrappers I would need to hide the shame.

  2. > He pet the hallowed BaconCat!

    But, but…we were told yesterday that the BaconCat was old, and the equivalent of yelling “Freebird!” at a rock concert…

    I t was very sad day indeed, as I won’t have a funny picture to take (with our cat) next to The Last Colony when it shows up. I felt so heartbroken, I couldn’t even post a reply.

    I suppose I’ll have to go buy the magazine anyway. It’s tough being a fan…[sigh].

  3. You look like a Russian mafia dude. The look in your eyes says “I have killed as many men as I have gold plated Mercedes! For every top-shelf hooker I have bedded, and enemy of mine lies in the Dnieper River! My dacha is built on a foundation of skulls!”

    Wheew! Does anyone else get high off of Excedrin?

  4. Mythago:

    “Dude, you look like China Mieville’s seedy cousin.”

    I’m gonna tell China you said that.

  5. Christian already one-upped my first response, but other than that the picture resembles Lex Luthor or the troll from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Neener neener.

  6. When “The Shield” pulls its Dick York/Dick Sargent-switch, Scalzi’s gonna replace Michael Chiklis.

    And no-one will notice.

  7. Seriously, if John Hentosz came to my house, I would probably still be vibrating. That’s incredibly cool. I am rushing off to the newsstand right now.

  8. I’m curious… on the GeekMonthly website, it gives several titles, then a teaser list of the other articles. I wonder which one you are?

  9. Queenie: My, my. I’ll tell my Uncle John his reputation precedes him. He’s nearly 80, but fit and fiesty and a real sweetheart. And I think he may be between girlfriends. Ever been to Branson?

  10. Mary Lynn what now?


    Oh, ok, from “24”. Never seen it.

    Dude, you look like a Russian mobster. Not the kind in the suits with the cigars, either. The kind that cuts off fingers with garden shears and breaks kneecaps in back alleys. Yikes.

  11. Salutations and felicitations, John. You still receive ‘Wired’? I canceled my subscription a few years ago after the mag started to resemble one long ad and the contents could be found online, for the most part. . . . Has it gotten better?

  12. Pablo:

    It’s basically the same. You’re paying for the design and the ability to red the articles without waiting for Conde Nast’s online printing schedule.

  13. First glance: I thought the caption bar was a LIGHTSABER and I was thinking wow, John’s an even bigger geek than me.

    Caption contest:

    “NOBODY puts Athena in the corner!”

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