Daily Archives: April 2, 2007

Various and Sundry, 4/2/07

An April Fool’s Sunset. In real life, it was even prettier than this. And now, a couple of linky bits, all of which are at least tangentially related to me, because I’m a rampant egotist like that: * Because I was avoiding being online yesterday, I didn’t link to the April Fool’s Day SFWA candidacies, […]

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Spring is Here, Spring is Here…

… life is Skittles and life is beer. Or, combining the two, Skittlebrau. Mmmmm… Skittlebrau. First, if you’d like to see more lovely pictures of a spring day here at the Scalzi Compound, complete with cherry blossoms, basketball-playing children and an impossibly green lawn the size of some of the smaller states in the union, […]

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