Calming Your Fears Re: The Last Colony

More than one person has e-mailed recently with the concern that according to Amazon, The Last Colony will be available April 27 — but I start my book tour on April 24. Does this mean that for the first three days of my book tour, The Last Colony will be unavailable, and I will use my single author copy to taunt you all? As fun as that would undoubtedly be, the answer is no, in fact the book should be available. Here’s why:

1. My inside connection at Tor tells me the book will actually be released on April 17 — that’s just two weeks from now! — so there should be plenty of copies available for the screaming hordes of fans who will undoubtedly mob me at each and every stop of my triumphant national tour (please, God);

2. If you think Tor is going to pay to schlep me around the country to promote this book for three friggin’ weeks and then not actually have the books on hand at each and every bookstore I’m going to be at, you simply do not understand the mighty awesome power that is the Tor Books publicity juggernaut. Honestly, I have to tell you that I am terrified at the raw mightiness of it. It is like an angry, twisting bull, upon which I am perched, fervently praying that I do not fall off and become trampled or gored by its horns of editorial wrath. There is no rodeo clown to distract it in this scenario, my friends. This is why you and everyone you’ve ever met must come to my appearances.

In other words, don’t worry too much. The books will be there. Waiting for you. Pining for you, actually. As will I.

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  1. I would bring everyone I ever met to see you . . . *sigh* . . . if only you came to Austin . . .


    “Next time, for sure,” he says . . . like I’ve never heard that before . . .


  2. I hope my ARC arrives soon because that is the only thing that will make up for me missing Scalzapalooza. (I’m leaving my beloved SF, and moving to Boston.)

  3. Waitaminute… you mean that there aren’t going to be autographed glossies of Athena and Krissy? Now I’m doubting the value of this tour.

  4. FWIW, when I ordered my copy from three months ago, they were quoting 17 April, and then they switched to just “April” for some reason. I’m pleased to hear that they were correct, and the info that is providing is in error.

    I’ll second RooK’s comment that you should provide autographed glossies of Krissy and Athena, especially for those of us who are prepared to combat the hordes at the LA Times Festival of Books. Doesn’t a sacrifice like that deserve something extra in reward?

    With best wishes,
    – Tom –

  5. Anybody who follows George R.R. Martin should be fully aware that Amazon’s expected release dates are, by and large, a total farce. On occasion, they do update them with correct information when such a thing exists. On occasion they are aware of when something will be on sale before it arrives in their warehouses. But mostly, you just tell them you want something, and it’ll come some day!

  6. *cough* “and I will use my since author copy to taunt you all?” *cough*

    Did you mean “single author copy”?

    Tor Books publicity juggernaut is indeed mighty. Just from secondhand stories, it is indeed mighty.

  7. I’m trying to fly my mother in to meet with you at Powells (portland, if you’ve forgotten). ‘Course, getting her _out_ of Powells later will take a crowbar. And possibly chocolate.

    Did you want some home baked apple pie (from local apples) while you’re in town?

    You’ll know your whatever readers by the folks asking for the Athena/Krissy autographs.

  8. Alex J. Avriette:

    Since the initial printing of The Last Colony was about 35 times that of Coffeeshop, and Tor will be absolutely delighted to run off as many printings as there is demand for, no.

  9. So… does this mean that I might actually be able to buy a copy of Lost Colony *before* Penguicon? Since I won’t actually be able to make it to Novi for your Michigan tour stop.

    (Really, you should talk to the people that schedule these things — Ann Arbor is so much more pleasant than Novi. We have trees here, and a big fancy educational institution. Novi has concrete and office parks. We have the original Borders, Novi has a cheep plastic copy. You want to come to Ann Arbor, you know you do.)

  10. John –

    Would it be safe to say, that each book store on your tour will have it in stock, they day you are scheduled to appear? I’d like to support some of those smaller stores, since they have gone to effort to bring you in.


  11. I would assume so, Christian. They usually have extra stock on hand for author appearances.

  12. Unfortunately, I’m not close enough to go to any of these signings.

    I notice, however, that you will be at Uncle Hugo’s, which is certainly by far the best science fiction bookstore I have ever seen or ever expect to see. And it has some of the best-informed staff of any bookstore in any genre. When I’m in Minneapolis (which I am frequently, I have relatives there), I often just tell the staff at Uncle Hugo’s that I’m looking for a new book that is similar to some other book I’ve read,and they usually are able to come up with a good recommendation.

    In other words, John, if the staff at Uncle Hugo’s likes your book, you will get lots of sales.

  13. “Unfortunately, I’m not close enough to go to any of these signings.”

    I read that as “sightings” instead of “signings” and was confused for a few seconds

  14. Since you’re giving most of the East Coast a miss, I’ll have to forego (or is that forgo, they both look funny), getting TLC signed.

    I may dip my cat’s paw in ketchup and put her print on the title page. That, at least, feels like something you’d do.

  15. And I will be Uncle’s. You’ll want to figure time for lunch there. The old Sears tower across the street has been extensively remodeled. The first floor has a wonderful set of ethnic food stands/markets/restaurants. Drop me a line if your schleppers are giving you enough time in Minneapolis that day.

  16. John –

    Any objections to our using the demand it system on to request dates on this or the next tour?
    I don’t want to tick off the people at Tor, but hey demands = sales, maybe?

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