Daily Archives: April 4, 2007

Don’t Say I Never Did Nothing For You

Hey. Wanna see an excerpt from the first chapter of The Last Colony? Turns out that Tor has posted the first half of the first chapter on its Web site. Be warned that it has mild spoilers regarding The Ghost Brigades so if you’ve not read that book, you might want to sit tight. Otherwise, […]

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TAD2 Title; Wikipedia Picture

As you know, I’ve been busy writing the followup to The Android’s Dream; what you might not know is that until earlier today, it didn’t have an official title. Well, now it does: Henceforth TAD2 is to be known as: The High Castle. Philip K. Dick fans among you will note that this is yet […]

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Reader Request Week 2007 #7: Short Bits II: Electric Boogaloo

Since doing this yesterday so was so much fun — and so easy! — let’s keep the good times going, and finish off Reader Request Week for 2007 (especially since it’s now dragged on for nine days), with another entry of short bits. Alex J. Avriette: “I’d be interested in hearing you discuss the relevance […]

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