Don’t Say I Never Did Nothing For You

Hey. Wanna see an excerpt from the first chapter of The Last Colony? Turns out that Tor has posted the first half of the first chapter on its Web site. Be warned that it has mild spoilers regarding The Ghost Brigades so if you’ve not read that book, you might want to sit tight. Otherwise, go nuts. It’s got goats!

It looks like the Tor site is also featuring the entire first chapter of The Ghost Brigades as well, just in case you’ve somehow missed that. And if you have: Shame. Shame, my friend.

17 Comments on “Don’t Say I Never Did Nothing For You”

  1. Ook ook! Looking forward to the rest of it. Observation: the wickedly smart daughter seems to have a passing resemblance to a certain youngster that appears around the whatever on occasion (at least my mental image of both is very similar), I assume that’s by design? You don’t have an actual set of Obin around the Scalzi manse too do you? That dog of yours…hmmmm

  2. Jim Wright:

    The daughter is not intentionally modeled after Athena, no; she just happens to be a reasonably smart kid, like mine is. The family in the book is not meant to be an analogue to my family out here in the real world, superficial resemblances notwithstanding.

    Also, I took out a spoiler in your comment. No point warning people against spoilers in the link if I keep ’em here in the comments.

  3. Urf, thanks, John, didn’t even realize it was a spoiler until you said something. Sorry about that. Won’t happen again, please don’t sic the Obin on me.

  4. Jeremiah:

    You are correct!


    Thanks! Wait until you read the first chapter to The High Castle. It’s a fun one.

  5. I guess the upcoming sequel to TAD will be known as THC, this is interesting since THC is also short for tetrahydrocannabinol (marijuana). Anybody getting high in the upcoming book ?

  6. “It erodes my authority.”

    That’s Cartman’s voice I hear when I read that. That usually doesn’t happen. Especially when I’m not even thinking about South Park.

    Your cat is the Obin obviously, since it allows taped bacon. Now I understand why I have six of them. It’s all part of that damn treaty.

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