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As you know, I’ve been busy writing the followup to The Android’s Dream; what you might not know is that until earlier today, it didn’t have an official title. Well, now it does: Henceforth TAD2 is to be known as:

The High Castle.

Philip K. Dick fans among you will note that this is yet another sampling of one of Dick’s novel titles, in this case his Hugo-winning novel The Man in the High Castle. The conceit worked well for The Android’s Dream, so we decided to try it again. As with the first book, the title is also at least somewhat relevant to the story, although again in an indirect way and not in the manner in which PKD himself used his “High Castle” in his book.

As I’ve noted before, the book is coming along pretty well; I look forward to showing it to you all in early 2008.

Unrelated, but amusing: I put up a picture of myself in my Wikipedia entry. I sort of wonder how long it will stay up.

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  1. The picture’s still there, but somebody apparently took down the Trivia item about how you find pointlessly fussy Wikipedia editors highly annoying. :)

  2. The really cool part is that PKD wrote a whole shitload of books, so I’m thinking that means Scalzi has a whole series of TAD sequels lined up.

  3. “Old Jarhead:

    You’ve clearly never seen this picture, then. ”

    If you can get into a gross out contest with your 8 y/o daughter you have a cool daughter!

  4. The photo will probably stay if you follow directions on how to attach the proper licensing info to the image file. The ‘bots that kill unlicensed images don’t read your word descriptions; they need the tagging.

    I like the photo choice for the article, though.

  5. John, I hate to post here but I can’t think of anything else. I’ve been trying to sign into Ficlets using my OpenID (the URL I’ve given here) since yesterday and it keeps telling me there is an error.
    I would use the feedback form but I need to be logged in to do that, bit of a Catch 22 there. So I figured I’d drop a note here and you could pass it on.
    Good luck with the new book, it’s on my list of books for next payday.

  6. Simon:

    The Ficlets tech people are aware of the problem and are working on it!

  7. Love the new photo. Have you lost weight? Something seems a little different… did you cut your hair?

  8. That is a great picture. While at your wiki page I couldn’t help but notice that you said that you are related to John Wilkes Booth. My wife is also said to be related to him, so I guess that makes us kin, like 75 times removed or something.

  9. You should start ripping off Stanislaw Lem titles next. Here, I’ll help get you started:

    Immortal Engines

    Memoirs Found in a Back Rub

    Hospital of the Transubstantiation

    Piece of Earth


    The Sexological Congress

    Eden II

  10. The image has been deleted because of the lack of rights tagging. I’ve re-uploaded it, but it may not stick, depending on whether someone doesn’t believe my claim that you released it for use. If you have any interest in this thing being on Wikipedia, you may want to say something somewhere where it won’t get deleted (say, on this site, or maybe appended to my upload) about releasing it for use. Or I can take your picture on the 30th, sans horns. Your choice.

  11. I find it interesting that this entry is 5 years old. ( patiently tapping foot. Was going to hold my breath, but I think it unwise!)

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