“The Last Colony” Contests

Looks like I’m not the only one ramping up to do stuff with The Last Colony: At the moment there are two different giveaway contests going on for the book.

The first is through Tower.com: The folks there are setting up an interview with me and are soliciting questions from folks like you, about the book or anything else — and then they’ll randomly select five people who have asked questions to receive a free copy of TLC — and I believe the plan is to have me autograph those five copies as well. So, just by asking a question — which as we know from Reader Request Week you’re all capable of doing — you could get pure, creamy (likely to be) autographed science fictional goodness out of it. Naturally I heartily endorse this plan of action. Go! Ask questions!

Also, if you’ve not already pre-ordered your copy of The Last Colony, and you plan on buying it online, consider getting it from Tower. Some of you may recall last year that I held up Tower.com as an example of people who get how to market to bloggers and others online, because when they contacted me to see if I’d be interested in doing some sort of marketing thing with them, they actually knew who I was and who the readership here was. Which is to say they treated me with respect, which I liked. Also, in this particular case they took it upon themselves to promote the hell out of TLC just because they liked the book, and then contacted us and asked if we might want to get in on the action. Call me crazy, but I like the idea of supporting online retailers who go out of their way support my career, without me even asking.

So, yes, do consider giving Tower.com your online book and music-buying business. They’re selling TLC and my other books for a good price — the same one you’d pay at other places online — and they’re good folks. It’s a good combo.

The other giveaway at the moment is through Fantasybookspot.com, which despite its name also reviews and supports science fiction as well. I’m not entirely sure how they’re handing their giveaway — it’s not quite clear to me from this announcement — but heck, they’re still giving it away and you can still get in on the action.

Good luck!

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  1. (jumping up and down with Jeremiah) Yay free stuff!

    bwahahaha, questions. “Let me see, what should we ask,” he said, no longer jumping up and down but rubbing his hands together in a Snidely Whiplash way, twirling his mustash (and don’t you want to know how I can do both at the same time). bwahahaha. :)

  2. > I’m not entirely sure how they’re handing their giveaway

    Me either, but I think I’ve figured it out.If your read the last line of the first post, it says: “Contest ends on the 24th of April please PM FBSContest to enter the contest.”

    1) Register on their message boards:


    2) Wait for your activation key in email, click on the link.

    3) Return to the Contest page:


    4) Send a PM (Private message) to “FBSContest”. Just look for the little button at the bottom of that first post by FBSContest, that says “pm”.

    5) Send a private message.

    Hope this helps!

  3. OK, I do what I’m told. I’ve pre-ordered from Tower AND submit my question. If I get a free book, then I shall pass it on to my harem of readers.

  4. You can also get to the Fantasy BookSpot main page through scifibookspot.com, comicbookspot.com, horrorbookspot.com, and mysterybookspot.com

    It’s a swirled pile of genre goodness whether you prefer yours chunky or smooth.

    Disclosure: I occasionally submit reviews for them, but thankfully, I’m still eligible to win a copy of TLC.

    I know you’re doing the big three week tour, but for us up here in the NJ/NY metro area, there aren’t any appearances scheduled. Why, and is there any chance of one later?

  5. Are we going to be able to buy TLC on eBook form or do I have to buy a physical copy?

    Just wondering.

    Its actually easier for me if I can read it online, then having a hard copy. Having a hard copy would imply that I have time to kill and therefor be put to work (that’s what the little lady would say to me as she points to the trash that needs to be thrown out ‘n such). I could read it at work on the computer, pretending to do work. Worksout for everybody that way.

  6. The “OLD MAN’S WAR trilogy”? Hmm. Is that the name of the trilogy? What else could it be though– the Colonial Trilogy? The Perryiad?

  7. I have submitted a question to Tower, and since I’ve been “randomly selected” for additional security each and every time I flown anywhere recently, I think my chances are excellent!

  8. Just wondering–If I’m going to a book signing, would you prefer that I buy the book there, or do you care?

    I might preorder from an online store, just because I don’t want to wait. But if that’s bad form, I’ll buy it at the signing. There will be enough copies at the signings, right? ;-)

    BTW, do you have a posting or a FAQ or something about book-signing protocols? Like, how many things can I bring for you to sign? (I’d sure like to get all my Jane Sagan books signed, and, heck, TAD and AttS, too–but I suppose I can save some of them for the next signing.)

  9. Andrew:

    I’m sure the bookstores would prefer you buy it there. Personally, I think it would be nice for you to support the stores who are hosting me, but I’ll be signing books regardless.

    As for how many books, all sign any book you want to bring unless there’s such a huge number of people that signing every book would create a time crunch.

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