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  1. (and now for something completely different)

    Do dragons have boobs? Does it make any sense whatsoever for them to have boobs? Could someone please agree with me that it doesn’t?

  2. Inasmuch as dragons don’t actually exist, it makes as much sense to give them boobs as not.

  3. MWT – Bad syllogism time.

    Dragons are considered reptiles
    Reptiles don’t have boobs/teats
    Dragons don’t have boobs/teats

    Now, if a dragon is feeling insecure, or has some kink that makes it want implants…well, that’s not any of my concern. More power to it, good luck with that, etc…

    *You realize, that now I’m wondering if we are talking about multiple rows of teats, cups sizes, dairy production and products, milk fever, weaning, lactation counseling, nipple piercing, support garments, and other odd things that you would deal with on a dragon. Are they intelligent dragons, or big livestock? Are they reptilian, mammalian, or other? Flying, aquatic, or terrestrial? Egg layers or live birth or something else reproductively? As if I needed any more distractions today. Hmmph.

  4. If you’re talking about a dragon with the ability to fly how would the boobs hinder/help areodynamics and other such attributes of flying? What about nipple chafing during flight?

    I’d have to go with no boobs over all though. They’re reptiles, so there’s no need.

  5. They could be warm-blooded reptile-like creatures who give live birth to their young. There’s evidence that at least some dinosaurs were warm-blooded, after all. And there are some reptiles who give birth rather than laying eggs.

    And also, as previously mentioned, as they’re totally imaginary creatures, why couldn’t they have breasts? It’s no more improbable than such a traditionally massive creature being able to fly, despite the fact that the square-cube law pretty much means that the first time a dragon tried to do so, it’d snap its wings right off.

  6. Cassie: Inasmuch as they’re imaginary dragons, I would say they’re mammals, or whatever else you want them to be. It’s your imagination. :)

  7. For those lizards that do have live births, I don’t think they sucle their young, so they still don’t have breats.

    But, sure, Dragons could be mammals. You’d have a lot of ‘splainin to do, and a lot of “purests” would just drop the story at that point, but why not. Heck, Dragons could be their own Kingdom with their own characteristics (somewhere between mammalian and reptilian). Lots of cool things. Heck, there would even be phylum, class, and speciation already in the lore.

  8. Hellll-lo. Bell curve. As in any population, there will be a lot of average dragons, then a few genius ones, and a few boobs. You can bet on it. Next question.

  9. WTF? I’ve been out in the shop all day and just walked into this conversation blind. Clearly I need to drink a couple more beers before this subject will make any sense to me whatsoever…

    Way to hijack the thread MWT, mention boobs and just like that – you dominate the conversation, not that I’m objecting. I have to ask though, what in the world brought this up?

  10. :D

    Well hey, otherwise this would’ve been a routine list of “welcome home, John” comments.

    What brought it up: a friend is trying to draw a dragon for a roleplaying site logo. At the moment it’s a head and the top half of the wings. I suggested that the dragon would look better if it went farther down the body than where he stopped, such as including more of the chest. This led to some (predictable, I suppose) commentary about boobs. We were in a chat channel at the time with half a dozen other people, who had their own commentary to add. And away we went.

    I must say I was quite entertained by the results here. ;)

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