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Ficlet Spotlight: Rachel Swirsky

Over at the Ficlets site, Rachel Swirsky is a guest Ficleteer, offering up three ficlets for folks to read and play with. Rachel, as some of you might recall, wrote the absolutely fabulous short story “Scenes From a Dystopia,” which opened up the “science fiction cliches” issue of Subterranean magazine that I edited (if you […]

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Various and Sundry 4/10/07

Some stuff for you today: * For those of you who love your audiobooks, buckle in: Subterranean Press has released a free audiobook version of Kage Baker’s short novel Rude Mechanicals, read by Mary Robinette Kowal, for your personal auditory pleasure. I’m happy to say the success of the audio version of “The Sagan Diary” […]

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Rock and Roll is in My Blood!

Dig this: in the 80s and 90s, my uncle Gale played in a band called “Thief,” which was your basic local cover band. As I recall, they did pretty well, doing the sorts of gigs you need cover bands for. What I didn’t know is that they did a promotional video for themselves back in […]

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Pardon Me While I Roll My Eyes

Okay, about this “Blogger Code of Conduct” thing: Whatever. I’ll be ignoring this entirely (after this post, obviously). Some reasons for this: 1. This is my site and I couldn’t care less how anyone else thinks it should be run; anyone else who thinks they should have a say in how the site is run […]

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