On the Getting of Signed Books

Oh, I forgot something in the last post:

Let’s say you wanted an autographed copy of one of my books, but for some reasons you are unable to get out to one of my signings — you live too far away, perhaps, or possibly you’ll be busy being consumed by a grue, or whatever. Fear not! For you can still get a signed book. All you have to do is contact one of the bookstores at which I will be appearing (my tour schedule has the list, plus phone numbers to call). Tell them you’d like to buy the book from them, and ask them if they would have me sign it and then ship it to you after I’ve put pen to title page. I’m sure most of them will be happy to oblige the request. Be aware that you’ll probably have to pay extra for shipping, but that’s reasonable, I think. And I’ll be happy to personalize the book if the store puts a Post-It Note somewhere letting me know who the book is to be signed to.

Basically, since I’m going to be signing stock for these booksellers anyway, there’s no reason for you not to get one of these signed editions. I’m all about the enabling.

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  1. Because, as noted in the previous thread, three weeks on tour is long enough. There will be other books and (hopefully) other tours.

  2. Because, as noted in the previous thread, three weeks on tour is long enough. There will be other books and (hopefully) other tours.

  3. I’m sure three weeks is a long time, but still no NYC.

    How does Tor decide what cities you are going to go and pimp your books to.

  4. (sarcasm) See, I think they did to, seeing as Tor is based in NYC and they sent you to the opposite coast for you tour. Not sure how I’d take that. (/sarcasm) :)

  5. Publishers are generally reluctant to book newer authors in New York because they have a limited number of ‘slots’ with the major bookstores, and reserve those for their bigger name authors. A newer author is more likely to get a NY event if they can liaison with a smaller bookstore themselves and help arrange an event, or otherwise actively push for NY (and can make a strong argument for why an event arranged in NY will be heavily attended).

    In general, the East Coast touring corridor is heavily travelled by bigger name authors (many of whom live on that coast as well, which helps with expenses), so there isn’t as much room for newer authors. So publishers are more likely to set up Midwest or West Coast tours for them, in my experience. By clumping appearances in a region, they both save on travel expenses and ease the exhaustion factor for their authors.

  6. Slightly off topic, but


    The Tower.com TLC giveaway.


  7. Of course, there’s always the option of sending you books with return packaging and postage.
    That’s the option I plan to do once I get a copy of TLC. My S.O. got me a hardback of OMW via ebay or something, plus I need the sheep book signed too. See, I’m trying to be efficient, John.

  8. Nathan, most cool. Congrats.

    What was your winning question? Or is it a spoiler to say it here?

  9. I’ll hold the question in case they use it, but the winning was by random selection. I’m one of five and the others are apparently retaining anonymity until after they’ve consulted a tax attorney.

  10. Re: New York.

    If John does decide to do the Nebulas, they are having an author signing on Friday night. If anything, those of you in the NY area might want to make the signing since they have a fairly impressive lineup and it is open to the public. It sounds like some of them may be wearing some interesting t-shirts.


  11. Nathan! We can SQUEEE! together! Yippie! They sent the email after I left work, so I just found out this morning. Squee!

    So there’s two of the five.

  12. I’m hoping to make it to the signing in Milwaukee, which is the closest you’ll be to my small village of Chicago (see, it isn’t just New York that isn’t getting the love).

    Actually, very few SF authors find their way to Chicago on book signing tours.

  13. This means my dastardly device to ensure that I won the *random* drawing doesn’t work!!!

    Damn! Back to the drawing board and then the bookstore!

  14. I just thought I would let others know that the University Bookstore in Seattle will let you buy the book (they just got them in had not even put them on the shelves) and will ship them to you after John signs them for FREE! After figuring out there was no way I can get there for Tuesday’s signing and I am really disappointed. At least I can get a signed copy. So I just ordered mine and it will be waiting for your signature before coming home.

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