Daily Archives: April 17, 2007

Interview on Tower.com

Tower.com has posted the interview they have with me, made from fan-submitted questions. The topics range from music to movies to writing to formative experiences in my life. It’s a nice range of questions, I think. Congratulations to those of you who by asking questions won free copies of the book; I have the box […]

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The Whatever: You Get What You Get

An e-mail today that I think is worth addressing: Though I am an avid lifelong science fiction (some say fanatical) reader – I came to your blog and then your books by a search that somehow led me to ‘I hate your politics’ I know that you are about to go on a book tour […]

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TLC Review in Romantic Times

Oh, how nice — on The Last Colony’s official release date, a rave review in The Romantic Times BOOKreviews: This is a fantastic, eminently readable and more than a little bittersweet end to Scalzi’s Old Man’s War trilogy… The plot is beautifully constructed, and the resolution of the series is heart stopping in its absolute […]

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Also Out Today: The Outback Stars

Congratulations to Sandra McDonald, whose debut novel The Outback Stars also hits stores today, with both acclaim (“An auspicious debut” — Publishers Weekly) and a cover by Donato Giancola that I am insanely jealous of. Not that I don’t like my cover, mind you. I’m just saying. In any event, as long as you’re going […]

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The Last Colony is Out

Today is the official release of The Last Colony — if you go to your bookstores today, there it will be, in the science fiction section, all winsome and pretty, begging you to take it home, open its pages, and see what the heck happens next to John Perry and Jane Sagan. You can also […]

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