Also Out Today: The Outback Stars


Congratulations to Sandra McDonald, whose debut novel The Outback Stars also hits stores today, with both acclaim (“An auspicious debut” — Publishers Weekly) and a cover by Donato Giancola that I am insanely jealous of. Not that I don’t like my cover, mind you. I’m just saying. In any event, as long as you’re going to the bookstore today, cruising the science fiction aisles (hint, hint), check this one out, too.

Also out today, The Children of Hurin, by some bloke with the odd name of JRR Tolkien. Apparently it’s been about 30 years between this book and his last one. Dude, write any slower and people will think you’re dead or something! I don’t know much about this fellow, but my friends who are really into fantasy say he might be good. You know, if you like elves and such. Hey, whatever makes you happy.

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  1. I’m eagerly awaiting my Alan Lee-illustrated deluxe copy of “The Children of Hurin.” For those of you who haven’t slogged through “The Silmarillion,” it’s an expanded story from that. There’s some wonderful stuff in Tolkein’s ‘ancient history’ of Middle Earth, but it’s mostly very tragic.

  2. Lobbying for the Tolkien fans to make “special guest appearances” on the book tour, are we?

  3. Lobbying for the Tolkien fans to make “special guest appearances” on the book tour, are we?

  4. Luckily I am saved from the quandary of having to decide between buying TLC today or waiting till your appearance at Uncle Hugo’s and buying it there.

    Why? Because apparently our local B&N will only stock Old Man’s War unless I special-order things. Which is something I have a weird aversion to doing; the books should be there when I want them, dammit.

  5. I wonder if it’s the same Sandra McDonald who used to write unbelieably awesome Highlander fanfic in the late 90s… If it’s her, I’d buy anything, but anything she publishes.

  6. I believe this may the first time in recorded history that Tolkien has been addressed as “Dude.” Scholars take note.

  7. I work at a Waldenbooks in Lawton, Oklahoma and I’m thinking of creating some sort of Chart of Addiction. I sell people Scalzi books and then they drag their friends and loved ones in, thereby creating a chain of enablers. (It’s especially popular with all the Marines and GIs from Fort Sill.) I did a happy dance of gleeful acquisition when I unboxed The Last Colony and there’s gonna be a huge fight over the other copies. I can’t wait! We don’t nearly have enough copies, which I plan to rectify but what we have is prominently displayed beside The Outback Stars since my best friend was a big fan of her fanfic from way back when

    Anyway, I read The Last Colony in about 3 hours last night and have been sneaking back to reread parts while I work. Love it. Oh, John Scalzi, why aren’t you going to come anywhere near Oklahoma? We love you, too.

  8. I know this is a super old post to be commenting on, but I’ve read Outback Stars and I really liked it. It definitely had a refreshingly different socio-political/religious background as well as being just really well-done sci-fi.

    Just throwing it out there.

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