TLC Review in Romantic Times

Oh, how nice — on The Last Colony’s official release date, a rave review in The Romantic Times BOOKreviews:

This is a fantastic, eminently readable and more than a little bittersweet end to Scalzi’s Old Man’s War trilogy… The plot is beautifully constructed, and the resolution of the series is heart stopping in its absolute rightness.

The full review will be here in two months, or you can go and get a copy of the magazine in the stores.

Naturally, I’m delighted. The Romantic Times has been good to me: Its SF reviewer, Natalie Luhrs, also liked The Android’s Dream, you may recall, and gave TAD a nomination in its annual awards for best SF Book. More to the point, RTBR is (for me, anyway) a surprisingly good source for what’s good and interesting in new science fiction. Notwithstanding my own reviews, I trust RTBR to point me to what’s readable in SF more than I trust some SF-only review sites and magazines. No, I won’t name names. That would be rude. In any event, this review is going up on the books page, soon.

7 Comments on “TLC Review in Romantic Times”

  1. I, too, find the RT reviews very useful in looking for SF. I realized just how useful at Boskone this year, when I found myself scanning the tables in the dealer’s room looking for RT blurbs. The books with great blurbs from RT were nearly all books I’d already bought or books on my to-buy list. *grin*

  2. I’ve often thought while reading SF that a believable love story was more interesting and difficult to pull off than creating some nifty techno thingy. Sadly, I’ve usually thought this while reading a poorly done “love” scene from the “whoops, fell on a penis” school of combinatoric erotica (I named names and then decided it was rude). On that note, I’ll start checking out the reviews at RT, thanks.

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