Daily Archives: April 18, 2007

That Kind of News Day

We continue to be so wrapped up in the Virginia Tech shootings that the Supreme Court 5-4 ruling upholding abortion restrictions is not even close to the top story on either the CNN or MSNBC Web sites. Interesting, that. Anyway, I thought I would mention it and give it some prominent play. Seems like roughly […]

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What Sex is Sam Berlant?

I’m getting an increasing number of e-mails about this particular topic, so I thought I’d address it here, now, and open it up to discussion: In The Android’s Dream, there’s a fairly important character named Archie McClellan, who is a computer technician. During the course of the book, we meet Archie’s significant other, Sam Berlant, […]

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Happy Birthday, Krissy

It’s my wife’s birthday, and so I take the day to reflect, as I often do even when it is not her birthday, how gobsmackingly unlikely it was that a schlub like myself could have ever gotten together with such a gorgeous, smart, fun, good human being such as her. Really, all my friends are […]

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