Kevin’s Birthday Video

To commemorate my pal Kevin Stampfl’s birthday, it being today, allow me to present to you a video from one of his favorite bands in high school: Marillion, featuring the lead singer named Fish, who as you will see in this video had perhaps the worst hair of any working rock n’ roller in the 80s:

I mean, seriously: Stringy, wispy combover hair? With a bald spot and a rat-tail? Yes, that’s the way to charm the ladies. That and having the nickname “Fish.” On the other hand, the dude’s fiancee is pretty damn cute, so, clearly, what do I know.

In any event: Happy Birthday, Kevin! See you soon.

Book Tour Diary at Ficlets Blog

Just as a head’s up for all y’all, I’m going to be doing a Book Tour Diary, in which I recount the various stops and adventures on my book tour, and it’s going to be over at the Ficlets Blog, on account that AOL is paying me to do it there. Yes! I’m doing it for the money! Anyway, it should be fun. I got a head start on it today by describing how I did, in fact, pack for a three-week trip using only carry-on luggage. Yup, I’m already packed. I just rock that way.

Don’t worry, I’ll be posting here, too. But the official Book Tour Diary will be over there. Come by, won’t you?

Fun Fact For the Day

President Bush is giving a speech right now, about 20 miles from where I’m sitting! Indeed, it’s entirely possible that one of my nieces, who goes to school in Tipp City (where he’s at) is listening to him blather on.

Another of my nieces asked me yesterday, apropos to a discussion of his imminent arrival, if I would want to hear him speak. I told her that given Bush’s propensity for not speaking except in front of vetted crowds, I found it very unlikely I would be let into the auditorium at all. Which in some sense would be amusing, but then not so much when I got put on a watch list and banned from boarding planes. I’ve got traveling to do soon, you know.

Anything exciting going on where you are?

E-Mail Notices

They are:

1. I think I’ve finally caught up with all my e-mail. However, if you sent me e-mail in last few days and were expecting a response and I didn’t respond, now’s a good time to resend because I’m not sure I saw that e-mail of yours. Sorry, and thanks.

2. As of April 20 and through May 13 I am traveling one way or another, constantly, which is a really remarkable amount of time to be on the move, if you ask me. During this time I am likely to be very sketchy in returning e-mail. This is not because I don’t think you are an interesting and fascinating person; it’s because I’m likely going to be checking my e-mail only once or twice a day, and then focusing primarily on business and tour-related e-mail. So if you’re not a business associate and/or someone who I am trying to catch up with while on tour, I may respond tardily, or indeed not at all. Again, not personal. I’m just, you know, busy catching planes and talking and dancing like a monkey. I hope you’ll understand.

What I’m saying is, if there’s something really important you wanted to tell me via e-mail that needs a response now, today is time to send it.