Daily Archives: April 19, 2007

Kevin’s Birthday Video

To commemorate my pal Kevin Stampfl’s birthday, it being today, allow me to present to you a video from one of his favorite bands in high school: Marillion, featuring the lead singer named Fish, who as you will see in this video had perhaps the worst hair of any working rock n’ roller in the […]

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Fun Fact For the Day

President Bush is giving a speech right now, about 20 miles from where I’m sitting! Indeed, it’s entirely possible that one of my nieces, who goes to school in Tipp City (where he’s at) is listening to him blather on. Another of my nieces asked me yesterday, apropos to a discussion of his imminent arrival, […]

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E-Mail Notices

They are: 1. I think I’ve finally caught up with all my e-mail. However, if you sent me e-mail in last few days and were expecting a response and I didn’t respond, now’s a good time to resend because I’m not sure I saw that e-mail of yours. Sorry, and thanks. 2. As of April […]

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