E-Mail Notices

They are:

1. I think I’ve finally caught up with all my e-mail. However, if you sent me e-mail in last few days and were expecting a response and I didn’t respond, now’s a good time to resend because I’m not sure I saw that e-mail of yours. Sorry, and thanks.

2. As of April 20 and through May 13 I am traveling one way or another, constantly, which is a really remarkable amount of time to be on the move, if you ask me. During this time I am likely to be very sketchy in returning e-mail. This is not because I don’t think you are an interesting and fascinating person; it’s because I’m likely going to be checking my e-mail only once or twice a day, and then focusing primarily on business and tour-related e-mail. So if you’re not a business associate and/or someone who I am trying to catch up with while on tour, I may respond tardily, or indeed not at all. Again, not personal. I’m just, you know, busy catching planes and talking and dancing like a monkey. I hope you’ll understand.

What I’m saying is, if there’s something really important you wanted to tell me via e-mail that needs a response now, today is time to send it.

18 Comments on “E-Mail Notices”

  1. I’m curious, how many emails from people you don’t really know do you get in a day? Male enhancement and Nigerian financial opportunities left out of course.

  2. I’m curious, how many emails from people you don’t really know do you get in a day? Male enhancement and Nigerian financial opportunities left out of course.

  3. Good luck on your tour, John. I spotted TLC in my local B&N the other day — looks nice! That dust jacket photo looks suspiciously familiar.

    BTW, this is the earliest the Huntersville NC B&N has ever stocked one of your books — and the most copies I’ve ever seen (5). Good for you!

  4. I resent that Chang. I do 99.99% of my blathering to Scalzi right here in public.

    And put a cat on for Pete’s sake.

  5. I was reading yesterdays abortion posts and was wondering what posts by you have generated the most comments? – didn’t want to e-mail it, because other’s might want to see the answer too.

  6. I didn’t know what a pangolin was until I looked it up. There is no way in hell I would put one of those in my lap – you are a brave man, indeed, Chang for rizzle. Foolish, but brave, and apparently nicely tanned.

  7. Oops, that last was me. Ran Norton Clean-Up yesterday in complete mode, flushed the cache and cookies, so the Whatever forgot who I was.

  8. If we don’t get to see video footage of you dancing like a monkey, I, for one, will be very disappointed.

    Best wishes for your tour. Don’t forget: food and sleep are your friends.

  9. Have fun on your tour John; I am hoping to make it to Beaverton and see you there. Also, I bought TLC last night and finished it in about 4 hours. I could not put it down. To coin a phrase, it rocked! I think I speak for many others here when I say that your next offering cannot come soon enough.


  10. Looks like your spam blockers let a couple messages through above. It’s interesting, though, to see how they are specifically constructed to get them by you.

    The user names are prescription drugs the are not controlled and will not set off any warning bells. Baclofen is a muscle relaxer used for cerebral palsy patients and Aricept is a medicine for Alzheimer’s disease. But the drugs they are advertising within the message are very definitely controlled prescription meds. Adderall is a stimulent med used for ADHD. Amphetamine and Adipex are stimulants used for weight loss. All three of these meds have a street value, and it is highly illegal to be selling them on the internet. Presumably by listing them in the body of the message intead of in the user name, people’s spam filters won’t catch them?

  11. Well, I sent you a question on “marketing plans” for first time authors back on 3/28, but I don’t necessarily need an answer now.

  12. I just found your blog on the google search engine and saw a few of your other posts that you had done . I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work. i will Look forward to reading more from you again.

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