Off to Penguicon

I’m heading north to Penguicon (less a physical location than a state of mind), so you want to stalk me this weekend, you’ll have to go to Michigan to do it. And here’s what I’m doing on the programming schedule, to make your stalking of me that more efficient:


8:30 – 11 PM: “Starship Troopers” Heckled MST3K Style Nick Sagan, John Scalzi In the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000, our two expert class clowns will provide a hilarious sendup of a film, which (by all reports) the director sincerely thought he was basing on a Heinlein novel of the same name. Whether the director ever read the book is an open question. ;)


1 to 2 PM: Works and Influence of SF Grandmaster Godfrey L. Winton John Scalzi, Nick Sagan, Sarah Monette Winton. A dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice. Some say he was an expert in stucco, a veteran in love, and an outlaw in Peru. Our panelists may disagree on the details. Did he really tour New Jersey with a traveling centrifugal-force demonstration, or is that just legend? Prove how familiar you are with the works and influence of 11 time Nebula winning, 26 time Hugo winning Grandmaster Godfrey L. Winton.

3:30 to 4PM: Signing Nick Sagan, John Scalzi

6-7PM Limited Female Roles In Fantasy, Comics, and SF TheFerrett, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, Sarah Monette, M. Keaton Why is it that a female character will either be raped or lose her child? Do TV writers have difficulty coming up with a motivation for women that isn’t vagina-related? We rarely see every man’s worst fear: castration. For equal rights, what if every time a woman gets raped on a show, they also neuter a male on the cast? The panelists will evaluate the causes and discuss this and other solutions.


10-11AM Creative Commons and Internet Marketing Charlie Stross, John Scalzi, Tobias Buckell, Sylvia Hubbard Building a fanbase online. First hit’s free!

When I’m not at these places you’re likely to find me loitering in the lobby, talking up people, or at one of the Penguicon dances, because you know I’m a dancing fool. Come up and say hi if you’re there. If you’re not there, well, I pity you, since this is going to be a damn cool convention.