I Get Cool Stuff On Tour


Seriously, people, how cool is this stuff: First, artist James Stowe’s interpretation of the Consu from the Old Man’s War series. The Consu, you may recall, are the mysterious hyper-advanced race of aliens who may or may not be messing with everyone’s heads in that creepy alien way of theirs. Stowe’s interpretation of what the Consu are was not what mine was; his is a lot cooler. Here’s a closer and cleaner look at this particular artwork, over at James Stowe’s site.

Second, I was surprised and honored when 2nd Lt. Stephen Silver presented me with insignia by way of thanking me for the good reads. I’m always very happy when someone in our armed forces tells me I’ve managed to get it right in my books, and I think this is another positive affirmation. As I said, very honored.

Thanks to both of them for the gifts. They were highlights of an already supercool Seattle experience.

In other news, I’m in San Francisco at the moment — flight delays kept me from getting in at my appointed time, but that’s not entirely surprising — and I’ve got a couple of hours before I head down to my Half Moon Bay reading. I’m spending it typing (hello!) and jamming sugar and protein down my throat so my brain doesn’t turn into pudding before my reading. This is the exciting touring life.

6 Comments on “I Get Cool Stuff On Tour”

  1. Hey! I am proud to say, Stowe is MY friend…so cool to see his work here and site linked!

  2. Hey! I am proud to say, Stowe is MY friend…so cool to see his work here and site linked!

  3. Had I known you were in the City with me, I would have invited you out for Coffee! I am looking forward to attending your signing on Friday…

  4. Cool Consu, Dude. Although this one looks like he’s screaming, “Redeemed!” more like he’s tired of glass-bottle recycling after finding another 6-pack of tall-boys in the garage. And a silver bar. Woohoo! You totally rank!

  5. When I read the book, I had a hard time imagining what a Consu looked like (among others). This image clarifies. Now, what part is body and what part is body armor, I wonder?

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