Having an Amazon Dork Moment

Here’s why: At this very moment I have three books with an Amazon ranking under (or over, I guess, depending on how you want to look at these things) the 1,000 mark, each in a different format: The Last Colony at #297 in hardcover, The Ghost Brigades at #258 in mass market paperback, and Old Man’s War at #908 in trade paperback. I’ll throw in the usual caveats about Amazon rankings being notoriously slippery, because they rank sales relative to other books on Amazon, not by hard sales numbers, and so on and so forth; still, that’s kind of neat. It’s nice to see the series, as a series, getting traction.

LA Says Hi


Here’s the crowd today at the LA Times Festival of Books panel on science fiction, waving hello to you. Well, part of it, at least; more came in later. The panel was excellent, but then, how could it not be, when there was Harry Turtledove, Kage Baker and Cory Doctorow on it? (Also, I was on it.) Then a signing, lunch with Cory (the ultimate pixel-stained lunch, clearly), another signing, a nice chat with some friends who were there at the book fair (including Whatever commenter Adam Rakunas, who delivered an In-N-Out T-shirt and a gift card, which a) made him my favorite person of the fair and b) will be converted to Double-Doubles very soon). Now I’m back and my plan is to sleep for 12 hours, or so. And then off to Arizona, where I will be at the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale tomorrow at 7.

All I have to say is: Yay! LA! This is my hometown (or at the very least my home major metropolitan area), and it’s always good to come back around, especially when my driving is largely confined to surface streets. I hope to be back soon. I love this place.