Notice to Folks With Gmail Accounts

Someone’s trying to comment spam the hell out of me with “*” in their address field; I’ve keyword listed “gmail” into the moderation queue until it’s done. On the chance you have your “gmail” account listed in the e-mail field, you might want to swap it out for right now if you intend to comment (or just not put in your e-mail address; I mean, I don’t). I expect this is will stop after a day or so.

If you do get bumped into the moderation queue, don’t be offended; I’ll liberate your comment when I can.


To everyone who has to get into San Francisco today from the East Bay: You have my sympathies.

Single Word Open Thread #1

Today is going to be a busy day: Got a flight, an interview in the afternoon and a reading tonight (Poisoned Pen Bookstore, Scottsdale, AZ, 7pm; I’ll be the fellow wearing the white carnation), so not a whole lot of time to play with all y’all. So lieu of actually being interesting, I thought I would post a single word, and then you can share your thoughts on that single word in the comment thread – and of course, talk amongst yourselves, and basically validate the theory I’ve been propogating that at this late date, the Whatever readers don’t actually need be to be around to amuse themselves.

Ready? Here’s your single word for the day:


Share your thoughts, whatever they may be on the topic, and chat with each other. If this works, I’ll post another single word open thread tomorrow, too, and so on. Because I’m all about keeping you entertained, even when I’m hurtling over the planet in a metal tube, going from one place to the next.

Have fun, and I’ll check in on you all later.

Lessons Learned, Also, a Moment of Agogness

To self-pimp just a little bit, today’s Book Tour Diary talks about the things I’ve learned about book touring after one week in. Check it out if you like; here’s a link to the whole collection of the Book Tour Diary entries if you need to catch up.

Also, something I mentioned in the Google video but which I neglected to note here, which is that I’ve been told by Tor that Old Man’s War is getting a second printing in mass market paperback. When you add the number of that print run to all the previous runs of the book, it means that there are now over 100,000 copies of Old Man’s War in print. To which the only sane response is: Holy crap. If I haven’t told you people lately that I love you all, now is an excellent time for me to do so. Thanks, folks. I am appropriately agog and humbled.