Single Word Open Thread #2

Well, it looks like the ‘Single Word Open Thread” concept worked out pretty well yesterday, so let’s try it again, since my day is filled with traveling and laundry. Yes, part of of the exciting life of a touring author: Cleaning your clothes. Indeed, here’s today’s single word:


Your thoughts on it, and your own (or others’) cleanliness or lack thereof? I await your comments and conversation with anticipation.

And with that, I’m off to shower. So you know where I stand on the cleanliness issue.


Scottsdale Says Hi

Well, that was fun. The Poisoned Pen bookstore paired my appearance with mystery writer Jane Cleland, so folks who came out tonight got a double bill — sort of like Grindhouse, without the mortifying audience apathy. It was an excellent crowd, and I ended up putting faces to all sorts of names both here on the Whatever and over on By the Way. Which is nice, you know? Suddenly people aren’t just pixelated letters on a screen anymore. Earlier in the day I was over at the Dragon Page, recording an interview which will be up in a couple of weeks. Busy, busy, in the Phoenix area.

Now I’m back here at the hotel, just had a ridiculously expensive (but tasty) room service burger, and now going to fall into a coma-like state for several hours, and then head to San Diego, which is one of my favorite towns. I’ll be at Mysterious Galaxy at 7pm, whereupon I will commence my monkey dance (note: this is metaphorical. I may not, in fact, dance like a monkey. Although I might).

Have a good night, everyone.

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