Daily Archives: May 3, 2007

Iowa City Says Hi

Apparently science fiction writers are a rarely appearing sort of writer here in Iowa City and at Prairie Lights bookstore, and that seems a shame, as the folks at Prairie Lights were lovely and the audience was delightful too. And I was recorded for local public radio (I’ll post a link when it goes up […]

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Spam Filter Update

The spammination from fake GMail accounts seems to have ceased, so I’ve taken it off the moderation filter for now. Those of you who enter (or have entered) Gmail accounts into the “e-mail” line on the comment form should now see your comments posting rather than being bumped into a moderation queue. I’ve also gone […]

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Portland Says Hi

I should note that in this crowd there’s a Campbell winner and a Hugo winner (although the Hugo winner’s face is being obscured by the Campbell winner’s hand), and the woman who read over half of “The Sagan Diary” for me. So this is a talented audience. And a fun one to read to, I […]

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