Spam Filter Update

The spammination from fake GMail accounts seems to have ceased, so I’ve taken it off the moderation filter for now. Those of you who enter (or have entered) Gmail accounts into the “e-mail” line on the comment form should now see your comments posting rather than being bumped into a moderation queue. I’ve also gone and released a bunch of comments that were stuck in moderation. If you don’t see a comment you’ve posted, I may have accidentally deleted it (sorry). Please post it again.

However, some of you with hotmail accounts may still find yourselves being moderated because I’m still getting a bunch of crap from fake hotmail accounts. The solution to this problem is a combination of one of the two following:

1. Join the 21st century and get an e-mail account other than Hotmail;
2. Put something else in the “e-mail” line of the comment form other than a hotmail account.

Note that you don’t actually have to put anything into the e-mail line of the form, since I don’t require it. So don’t feel, you know, obliged.

Also, since at least a couple of people have sent me dreadfully apologetic letters because they feel I’ve moderated them due to content (which I’m certainly not doing at the moment, I don’t have the time), allow me to link to this entry on comment moderation as it exists on this site. If you’ve not read this policy statement, I suggest you do so now, to save yourself the psychic terror of thinking you’ve offended me in some way.

3 Comments on “Spam Filter Update”

  1. I get the feeling that you’re not an easy guy to offend.

    Then again, I could tape bacon to a pig and you’d certainly be offended by the horrible redundancy of it all.

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