TLC May Sci Fi Channel Essential Book; SFRevu; A Self-Pimp Thread

Two things relating to The Last Colony:

1. As you might be able to tell from the headline, The Last Colony is the Sci Fi Channel’s Essential novel for May, which is always nice, and which I know from experience has helped sell books, so thank you, Sci Fi Channel. Here’s the link to its “essentials” page on the Sci Fi Web site.

2. has very nice things to say about TLC here; really, it’s like a publicist’s dream review:

“Many SF writers are compared to Heinlein, Scalzi raises the bar more than a notch. If RAH were alive today, he’d be enjoying The Last Colony along with the rest of us.”

“There’s a lot to like in this book, and of the three in the series, it’s probably the best.”

“It won’t be at all surprising to find The Last Colony on next year’s Hugo ballot.”

Makes me feel warm and tingly, it does (fair warning: the full review lays out a whole lot of the plot — not exactly spoilery, but with a lot of details you might otherwise want to read for yourself).

But enough of me self-pimping: Now let’s see you do it. I now declare this a self-pimp thread, in which you pimp all the cool things you are doing. It doesn’t just have to be writing — if it’s something cool that you’re doing, and you can link to it (or even not link, just tell us about it), then self-pimp, baby, all you want.

(Note: If you put in more than one URL, you may get dumped into the moderation queue; I’ll release any moderated links when I see them. Don’t panic.)

Self Pimp! Now!

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