Minneapolis and Detroit Say Hello…

…However, at the moment I don’t have “people waving” pictures of either to show you because in the case of Minneapolis I didn’t have a camera with me, and in the case of Detroit (actually Novi) I had the camera with me, but not my flash card, and the picture I took is in the camera’s internal memory and I need a special cable to extract it. Which, alas, I do not have with me. I will retreive that picture later.

Suffice to say that both cities were full of lovely, vivacious people doing interesting and exciting things. Such a time we had! I wish you could have been there.

Also, I have been relatively quiet here because over the last couple of days I spent more time with real world friends than being online. Hey, I will do that sometimes, especially since in at least case the real world friend was someone I haven’t seen in the better part of a decade. I hope you understand.

However, now I am passionately interested in what’s going on with you. Really, how the hell are you, anyway?

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