Notice From The Hotel’s Business Center

Shortly after midnight, Monday, May 7, my Toshiba tablet laptop made a really awful grinding sound and, like, totally died. This is bad news because, of course, now I am without a laptop, and I’m on the road.

Bummer. I really liked that laptop.

This is my way of saying that, well, I’m not precisely sure when I’ll be updating around here again. I don’t suspect I will be totally cut off (I am, for example, writing this in the hotel’s business center); however, if you don’t see a whole lot of me around here in the next couple of days, now you know why.

Now I’ve got to go repeat this same basic message on all my other blogs. Wheee!

See you all in a while.

1 Comments on “Notice From The Hotel’s Business Center”

  1. As an artist, I may say that the tablet fully roxxors my soxxors. The pressure sensitivity alone is a beautiful thing. The ability to create wide sweeping strokes, to sketch almost as I would on a real sketch book. (Some of the work on my trailer for The Last Colony–notably the leaves at the beginning–was done with tablet.)

    I confess I had not thought of using it for writing though, and since I type much faster than I write, it seems an inefficient way to tackle the writing.

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