The New Laptop


After an appropriate time for grieving (like, five minutes or so), and after my super-important executive business lunch, I headed to a local computer store here in Ann Arbor to procure myself a new laptop, and after some perusal, settled on the new and reasonably tricked-out Toshiba you see here in front of you (in the background you see my friend Anne, who is ferrying me around Ann Arbor today). I also bought a new backpack, since the new computer definitely wouldn’t fit in the old one. Total price tag: Not cheap, although not stupid expensive either. Two things ameliorate the cost: one, it’s a tax deduction, and two, I got my royalty statements for Tor the other day, so I know I can afford it. Happy birthday to me, a couple days early.

So: Hi, I’m back. Does this new laptop make me look thinner?

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  1. Mike Stanley:

    “all of the new Mac laptops support two button functionality by allowing for two fingers to be placed on the trackpad while clicking.”

    Yeah, but my new one allows for two button functionality by having two buttons!

    Remember, I have a Mac at home — I’m not Mac phobic. I just prefer to have a PC laptop.

    Jeremiah: Yes, it has Vista. It’s fine.

  2. Not only does it make you look thinner, it makes you look like a woman.

    Oh oops, I should have actually read the post … never mind!

  3. Ooooh, Scalzi. I’m over here in the Sexy Macbook User category; your Toshibreakeeba scares me. PC laptops, I find, simply don’t have the stamina.

    The single button trackpad is only for those smart enough to figure it out *wink*

  4. Hey! Are you still here (i.e. in AA, in the company of netmouse?).

    Because, erm, my roofers had issues the day you were in Novi, and, well, DUDE. They are my roofers. They were finishing my roof. Which I, erm, need. So I blew you off in favor of the roof.

  5. Scalzi:

    “Yeah, but my new one allows for two button functionality by having two buttons!”

    As Mr. PC John Hodgman would say, “Touche”

    And I know you’re not Mac-phobic. Just an FYI in case some folks didn’t know about the two-finger click thingie.

    I used to lament the loss of the second button but I honestly don’t find myself needing it much in OS X, at least not when I’m doing what I do with it on a laptop.

  6. I’ve been using Macs for mumble years and I’ve never felt underbuttoned.

    And it’s true what they say (above) about Mac books being sexy. A guy tried to pick me up at Bouchercon just because I was sitting in public using my Mac.

    MKK–also, I know where you can get a great bridge really cheap

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