Daily Archives: May 8, 2007

DC Says Hi

DC was awesome. We had a packed house, and a ton of friends of mine came out for the reading and signing, and I got me a sheep! A sheep made of Irish peat, even. Which was too cool. Also, a refreshing beverage. Then out to dinner with friends old and new, and now I’m […]

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An Early Birthday Present From Me to You: “Pluto Tells All”

My birthday isn’t until Thursday, but I got you something early and don’t want to wait to share it. It’s a short story I wrote, called “Pluto Tells All,” in which our most famous dwarf planet gets candid about life, the universe and everything, in the style of Esquire magazine’s “What I’ve Learned” articles. I […]

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Four Things

First: Having a rental car in DC certainly reminds one how NOT FUN it is to drive in DC. Seriously, what a messed up city, driving-wise. Second: Reminder that I’m doing an appearance tonight at Olssen’s, 1307 19th St, NW in DC, at 7pm. I’ve been warned that parking around there is something of a […]

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