Four Things

First: Having a rental car in DC certainly reminds one how NOT FUN it is to drive in DC. Seriously, what a messed up city, driving-wise.

Second: Reminder that I’m doing an appearance tonight at Olssen’s, 1307 19th St, NW in DC, at 7pm. I’ve been warned that parking around there is something of a bear, so if you’re coming in for it, you might either want to do the Metro or get in a bit early to find some place to put your car. My plan is to do a reading, but I’ll try to start it a couple minutes after the hour so I don’t miss the parking stragglers.

When you see me, I may be unusually red. I had lunch out in the sun today and baked my forehead a bit. Try not to stare.

Third: A snazzy review of The Last Colony over at Bookgasm. I like it when people like my books.

Four: SFBC has listed its selections for June, and its main science fiction selection for the month is, you guessed it, The Last Colony. Its main fantasy selection is The Name of the Wind, the debut fantasy novel from Patrick Rothfuss. As it happens, Patrick left an inscribed copy of Wind for me at Uncle Hugo’s, when I was there for the signing, which was nice of him, and I’ve been reading along in the book since then. I’m here to tell you it’s pretty damn good. So, if you’re an SFBC member, this is one of those months when you’re going to want to pick up both of the selections. Seriously, it’s just a one-two hit of pure fictiony goodness.

There, now you know what’s up with me.

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