Daily Archives: May 10, 2007

Out on Tour Through May 10

From April 23rd through May 10, 2007, I’m out on a book tour, supporting my latest novel The Last Colony. Here are the tour locations, dates and times. I will be blogging here during the tour. During the tour entries here may be both shorter and more sporadic than usual, because, you know, I’m going […]

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My “Live From Prairie Lights” Appearance

For those of you who just can’t get enough of the dulcet sound of my speaking voice, the radio recording of me for Iowa Public Radio’s “Live From Prairie Lights” is up on the program’s Web site. In it I am reading from the first chapter of The Last Colony and then answering questions from […]

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From the “How Much of a Geek am I” File

I intentionally left my luxurious, Tor-paid hotel room a couple of hours early to get to the airport, not because I was paranoid about my flight but because the Richmond International Airport has free wifi, and the wifi at the deluxe hotel was so bad that it was like being on a 28k modem. Maybe. […]

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