Book Tour Diary Recap

For those of you who did not catch it earlier, I kept a near-daily Book Tour Diary over at the Ficlets Blog. I posted the last installment of it today; here’s the index for the whole thing.

I’m Your New Striker, Adelaide


Success! In the mail today, from Australia, from Pat Scalzi (and Aldo) and Scalzi Produce, not just one but two Adelaide United jerseys: One for wearing, which you can see here, and one, autographed by team members, for framing. This is way beyond awesome, I have to say.

In return, Pat and Aldo will soon be receiving autographed books for yours truly, and I am now Ohio’s foremost Adelaide United fan, and will cheer them on toward victory at every possible opportunity. Because, honestly, what has any other Australian football club ever done for me? Right. So, rock on, Adelaide United.

The “Back From the Tour Catching Up” Entry

Well, I’m back, and it’s nice to be here. A couple of notes going in:

1. As many of you know, while I was on tour I answered pretty much only the e-mail I had coming in that related to the tour or immediate business that could not be put off (I put that in the automated response I had going out to folks). Today is in fact “respond to e-mail day” here in Scalzi land, so I will be combing through the couple thousand e-mails I got over the last couple of weeks, catching up and answering the e-mail I did not otherwise get to. So, if you’ve been waiting for an e-mail response from me since 4/23, today may be your lucky day.

However, if you do not get an e-mail response from me today re: an e-mail you sent between 4/23 and yesterday, and you were hoping for one, send me a new e-mail on the same subject later today or tomorrow, and I’ll address it. Basically, I want to try to catch up on all my e-mail in one fell swoop.

2. I have a huge pile-up of author interviews to send out for Ficlets — I lost track of them in the run-up to the tour, and didn’t send out any questions while I was out. My plan is to catch up with them starting next week. The nice thing about the Ficlets blog is that the author interviews are not tied into any particular day, so I can have a veritable festival of author interviews over the next few weeks. Go me! So if you’re an author who has been waiting for interview questions for me, they’re coming, soon.

3. Most of you know that I will not be attending the Nebula Awards Weekend, which starts today, and during which it will be announced who won the SFWA elections. Once the election results are publicly announced, I’ll post a comment here. As noted before, while I very much wanted to be at the Nebula Weekend, the timing with the end of my tour just doesn’t work, and I prefer to be at home with my family this weekend.

4. Now that the tour is over, I’ll be likely to start posting on other topics than my own damn self around here, because, you know, I’m a little tired of that topic. So, if you have any thoughts about what you’d like to see me write about over the next week or so, drop them in the comment thread. Think of it as a mini-request week; frankly I could use with some requests not related to me or to writing to jolt my brain out of its self-regarding rut. I thank you in advance.