When Amazon Reviews Amuse Me

I got a chuckle with this one-star review of Old Man’s War on Amazon:

Actually, the first chapter had a rather novel premise. A couple pages into the second chapter I threw the book into the trash. I will not stand for subliminally being preached to. Far, far too many references to religion and god. I wanted Sci-Fi not mythical fantasy. Caveat emptor.

I find the idea of being portrayed as a stealth proselytizer amusing beyond words.

I found this fellow’s e-mail and told him so, noted my personal profound agnostic state, and suggested he might give the book another try, or barring that, he might check out The Android’s Dream, which readers of the book will recall has a religion whose founder was an acknowledged fraud. We’ll see what the fellow thinks about that. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my holy state. Anyone want to be converted? Anyone? Hello?

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