So We’re Clear On This: No Mob Scenes

The relative wisdom of me noting that Amazon review yesterday is discussed here; naturally I am also taking part in the discussion.

One of the more interesting points in the discussion is the idea that by noting the review on Whatever, I am implicitly hinting to you, the loyal Whatever readers, that you need to berate and abuse this fellow for the temerity of not thinking I (or my work) am super-mega-ultra-wonderful in all respects; and commensurately, that all y’all are just champing at the bit to rain down derision on any one at whom I crook my finger. The reason this is suggest is, because, well, there are lots of other sites where this dynamic is indeed in play.

My general feeling is that Whatever readers are both smart enough to know that when I write on something here that what I don’t expect is a monotonous chorus of yes-folk in the comment threads, and savvy enough to in the ways of Scalzi that they would know that I would find a mad insensate rush to pummel and castigate someone I discussing to be in poor taste. I base this general feeling on the fact that Whatever readers are typically made of awesome, and are also real live grown-ups who don’t act like idjits. But just in case there are stragglers on these particular points, allow me to note the following:

1. Any assumption that I want all y’all to be yes-folk to every damn fool thing I say is wildly incorrect, and suggests you’ve not really been paying attention;

2. Acting like a dick to someone, on the Whatever or off it, because you think I would want you to, would in actuality make me a sad little clown. Please, don’t make me a sad little clown. I hate the costume and the facepaint gives me hives.

I trust this makes things sufficiently clear.