Upcoming Events/Appearances

Now that I’m back from my tour, you’d think I would never want to leave home again, and indeed roght now, I don’t — and won’t! So there. However, in a week or so I’ll start showing up in public again, because, well, what can I say. I like people.

So, for the stalkers, here are the places I know I’ll be through the end of the year. This list isn’t definitive in the sense that these will be the only places I’ll be — it’s entirely possible I’ll tuck in a few more dates here and there as 2007 goes along — but these are the things I’ve said “yes” to.

5/22, Columbus, Ohio — Reading/Signing at Barnes & Noble (1739 Olentangy River Road) at 7pm.

5/24, Dayton, Ohio — Reading/Signing at Books & Co (at The Greene) at 7pm.

5/31, Cincinnati, Ohio — Reading/Signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers (2692 Madison Rd), 7pm

6/6, Eaton, Ohio — Library appearance, at (I think) 7pm. More details coming.

6/22 – 6/24, Washington DC — ALA Conference, where with others I will speaking on “The Literature of Ideas.”

6/30, Kokomo, IN — Signing at Don’s Books at 1pm. With Tobias “Ragamuffin” Buckell.

7/6 – 7/8, Kansas City, MO — The Heinlein Centennial, where I’ll be full of panelist goodness.

8/3 – 8/5, Mountain View, CA — Science Foo Camp (a bunch of scientists, techno-geeks and etc hanging out at Google and thinking of new and exciting ways to TAKE OVER THE WORLD)

10/31 – 11/4, Nantes, France — Utopiales: Festival International de Science-Fiction de Nantes. A big deal over there; gets something like 35,000 visitors each year. Since I have a number of European editions out now, this seems like a good time to visit. And it will be my first time in France. w00t!

Other possible appearances between now and the end of 2007: Confluence, Capclave, Context (funny how all these science fiction conventions start with “C,” he said, only half-winkingly), all of whom have invited me, and which I’d like to attend, particularly Confluence, whom I’ve been stringing along for three years now, like a cad. I feel like such a heel about that. The problem this year is that it’s up against a long-standing personal commitment for that weekend (this is also why I was unable to consider Libertycon, which is also that weekend. Stupid real life). We’ll have to see.

I’m open to other convention possibilities between now and the end of 2007, pending workload and availability (and also financial considerations, because, you know, spending a few hundred dollars a shot to attend conventions adds up over time) so if programming committees want to ping me I can put them on the list to consider.

Speaking of financial considerations, I’m still on the bubble re: Nippon 2007; basically, I wouldn’t have time to do anything other than go there and come back, and I’m wondering whether it’s worth thousands of dollars to fly to a whole new country just to spend five days in a hotel and then fly right home (yes, I’m doing this at Utopiales, but there I’m a featured guest of the festival, which is nice). I’ll have to make a decision soon, in any event, because otherwise I’ll simply price myself out of consideration.

In any event, this is where I know I will be between now and 2008. Aside from being at home, of course, writing quality literature for y’all.

Update, 10:47pm — Well, definitely not going to Capclave this year; it’s the same weekend as my 20th high school reunion. Gotta go to that instead. Sorry, Capclave!

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