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FanLib to Fanficcers: All Your Writing Are Belong To us

Blogger Lis Riba did some looking around on Teh Intarweebs for more information on FanLib, the “legal” fan fiction site sponsored by a number of media companies, and found this .pdf brochure in which the company pitches the FanLib fanfic experience to content creators, and in doing so reveals that they don’t actually understand how […]

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Sagan, Monette and Scalzi on SF Master Godfrey Winton

Subterranean Online has released the first chunk of content from its Summer 2007 edition — the special Elizabeth Bear issue, don’t you know — and in addition to the Bear audio highlighted yesterday, a Bear column and a Joe Lansdale story, the issue also features a transcription of a panel at this year’s Penguicon convention […]

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