Sagan, Monette and Scalzi on SF Master Godfrey Winton


Subterranean Online has released the first chunk of content from its Summer 2007 edition — the special Elizabeth Bear issue, don’t you know — and in addition to the Bear audio highlighted yesterday, a Bear column and a Joe Lansdale story, the issue also features a transcription of a panel at this year’s Penguicon convention on underappreciated Golden Age science fiction master Godfrey Winton, featuring me, Sarah Monette and Nick Sagan discussing the life and times of this obscure genius.

For those of you who aren’t aware of Winton’s life and work, this will be a treat for you: Nick, Sarah and I hit all the highlights of his career, including his novels and his film work in Italy, the controversies surrounding his many genre awards, his feuds with such science fiction luminaries as Isaac Asimov, Harlan Ellison, Alfred Bester and Philip K. Dick, and a glimpse into his unconventional romantic life — unconventional even for science fiction. Very few people know the details of Winton’s career and life better than Nick, Sarah and I, so this is the next best thing to talking to Winton himself. If you’re a fan of SF history and authors, you don’t want to miss this transcript. Here’s the link again. Enjoy.

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