Brian Francis Slattery at Ficlets

Soon-to-be new science fiction author Brian Francis Slattery (whose debut novel Spaceman Blues: A Love Song is getting gushy praise from folks like Jay Lake, Catherynne M. Valente, and some dude named Harlan Ellison) has taken part in the Ficlets Spotlight program, adding a trio of really interesting Ficlets for people to play with and add onto. Come here to see them. And remember that if you’re a published author or writer and want to take part in the Ficlets Spotlight program, all you have to do is write three original Ficlets, post them to the Ficlets site, and let me know. I like promoting folks who add fun things for Ficlets members to play with.

Also, for all those writers waiting for Ficlet Interview questions: Really, I’m getting off my ass on those this week. I’m going to make June a Month O’ Interviews. You’re gonna love it.