Something for the Kids

Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell – Catch The Moon: This is a kid’s song, but it’s also one of my favorite mellow songs of the last couple of years. It’s just pretty. Also, both Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb are terribly cute in that “graduate student working in a coffee shop” way. What can I say: talented women who look like they can school me in Medieval French or Russian Lit just make me happy.

I have the rest of the album, too (aside from that link it’s available on eMusic), and it’s very good, although most of it is really more oriented toward the toddler set. Elizabeth Mitchell also has a number of other albums for kids, which I can also recommend.

I Feel a Disturbance in the Force, As if Millions of Chubby Geeks Suddenly Decided They Needed a Little “Alone Time”

This is why.

Oh, click through, you baby. It’s safe for work.

Update Done

There, most of the heavy lifting is done (I may change the link colors at some point). This is how the site will look for a few months, or at least until I get fidgety again and change it. Yes, it’s very green. I like green. Deal. The background image, incidentally, is actually my lawn, very deeply treated via Photoshop. It doesn’t look like this in real life (in real life, it looks like a lawn). Be that as it may, I find there’s something very early 60s about the design which I find appealing. I like it. Which, of course, is what counts around here. Bwa ha ha hah ha!

Anyway. Here’s your new look. Enjoy.

(Note to people viewing this well after 5/30/07 — there’s a chance that the background you see does not match the background I’m currently describing. Work through the pain.)

Update: Huh, someone noted the background file is, like, huge, which is odd because when I saved it, it was under 200kb. I may have to go in and fix that.

In Case You’re Wondering…

…Yes, I’m fiddling with the look of the Whatever at the moment. Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon.