Update Done

There, most of the heavy lifting is done (I may change the link colors at some point). This is how the site will look for a few months, or at least until I get fidgety again and change it. Yes, it’s very green. I like green. Deal. The background image, incidentally, is actually my lawn, very deeply treated via Photoshop. It doesn’t look like this in real life (in real life, it looks like a lawn). Be that as it may, I find there’s something very early 60s about the design which I find appealing. I like it. Which, of course, is what counts around here. Bwa ha ha hah ha!

Anyway. Here’s your new look. Enjoy.

(Note to people viewing this well after 5/30/07 — there’s a chance that the background you see does not match the background I’m currently describing. Work through the pain.)

Update: Huh, someone noted the background file is, like, huge, which is odd because when I saved it, it was under 200kb. I may have to go in and fix that.

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