Daily Archives: May 31, 2007

On The LiveJournal Thing

LiveJournal annoyed many of its users recently by suspending a bunch of accounts for specious reasons; my major thought on this is is: See, this is why I keep my own space on teh intarweebs. However, my pal Deven Desai, who is a law professor and who follows technology and IP, has blogged about it […]

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A Good Use of Funds

As an alum of the University of Chicago, and one who depended on a scholarship for much of his tuition, this makes me happy: A graduate of the University of Chicago gave an anonymous donation of $100 million to his alma mater, marking the largest single donation given to an Illinois university. The money will […]

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Reminder: I’m in Cincinnati Tonight

Hey, if you like science fiction, and you live in or near Cincinnati, and you’re not doing anything around 7pm this evening, and you don’t want to stab me to death or otherwise assault me for some real or imagined slight, why not come down to the Joseph-Beth bookstore and see me do my thing […]

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Campbell Award Nominees That I Know

No, not the Campbell Award I’ve got, the other Campbell Award. The list of this year’s nominees is out, and includes a number of folks I like quite a bit, including David Louis Edelman (I believe this is his first major award nomination — rock on, David), Karl Schroeder, Charlie Stross, Vernor Vinge, Jo Walton […]

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A Handy Tip on the Blogging Tip

This one goes out to all the MDs out there, and the occasional DO as well: When in doubt, don’t blog your own medical malpractice trial. Especially don’t mock the opposing counsel, who in this particular case found the blog in question and dropped it like a bomb into the courtroom, forcing the MD in […]

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